Heli Site – 11-02-11

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ESXi 5.0

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The new Dell XPS 9100

18GB DDR3 SDRAM, Intel Core i7-960 processor(8MB L2 Cache, 3.20GHz), Nvidia GeForce GTS450, and dual 500GB SATA3 drives in RAID0. Should be a screamer.

The old vs. new. XPS 720 vs. XPS 9100.


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Mud and M45…


Camp Highroad got a little beat up from that concert. The sky was 100% clear the entire night, just super nice. Dew got a little heavy – I was running 4 straps, 2 per scope and killed 2 28AH Duracell Powerpack 600 batteries with just those.


M45 came out ok. I need to put more time on it, from much darker skies. It rises right through the Leesburg light dome at CHR.

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Fun little solo thing…

Fun little solo thing here. Using Studio Drummer (a Native Instrument in Kontakt 5), ScarBee Pre-Bass Amped (another Native Instrument in Kontakt 5) and Guitar Rig 5.

Click here for the audio: AUDIO HERE

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Sonar X1 + Guitar Rig 5 (in Komplete 8)

Just using the Session Drummer 3 drummer/kit/pattern(s) for the moment. And with some Guitar Rig 5 preset, I forgot which one. Just getting everything working for the moment.

Here’s the test MP3: TEST AUDIO CLIP


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Sky Meadows!

I spent the past two nights at Sky Meadows State Park here in VA grabbing some photons with the AT8RC. Simply a beautiful site to say the least. My wife and I got married here in 2007. Here’s my usual setup with the AT8RC, CGE-Pro mount, and Parsec 8300M CCD camera.

The view south:

The view north:

The old house:

Another shot of my setup:

AT72ED guidescope and Lodestar guidecam mounted piggyback on the AT8RC. Until I have an observatory this is the best portable setup I’ve found. Eventually I’ll be going off-axis with a rotator:

Here’s 320 minutes (5 hours and 20 minutes) of the Bubble Nebula/NGC7635 from the two nights combined:

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Home Theatre Equipment.

Thought I’d list out the equipment I have for my home theater setup. This is a work in progress, I’m only about half-way done describing the setup. I’ll take some pics also.

First, the heart of the operation. This TV has one of the finest screens I’ve seen. Sony XBR2 60″ SXRD:

Pioneer VSX-94TXH. This thing is a BEAST. 50lbs I believe. Not even pushing it hard, as the Def Tech C/R/L speakers all have powered subwoofers in them.

Panasonic BD-30 Blu-Ray player.

Velodyne SMS-1 Digital Subwoofer Management system.


Definitive Technologies BP-7002 Left/Right. Really fine speakers. 12″ powered subwoofers in them.

Definitive Technologies CLR 2500 center channel speaker. Very sweet sounding. Has an 8″ powered subwoofer inside it.

Definitive Technologies BP2X surrounds:

SvSound PB12-NSD/2. I couldn’t find a decent picture of this monster sub online except for this one. Twin 12″ downward firing. This isn’t a picture of my particular unit, I found this on the web someplace:

XBox 360.

D-Link DSM320.

Sony DVD-NC665P.

SlingBox Solo.


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Helicopter site again…!

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New setup for Lodestar —> AT72ED.

I hate those Chinese made dual screw extension tubes, and I didn’t like the way the Lodestar was gripped by the 1.25″ one at the end of the chain.

So, I bought both of these pieces:


And this:


I had a 2″ long 2″ extension (2 screw, brass compression ring) already, forgot where I got it, so here’s the full chain now. Much more rigid than before. Here’s the Lodestar screwed directly onto the c-threads of the first piece. Then I screw my Lumicon 1.25″ IR-cut filter inside that one and add the 2nd 1″ extension:

Then I slide the above directly into the 80mm extension, and clamp down, then into the smaller extension, clamp down on that, then into the AT72ED’s drawtube. Done.

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