New setup for Lodestar —> AT72ED.

I hate those Chinese made dual screw extension tubes, and I didn’t like the way the Lodestar was gripped by the 1.25″ one at the end of the chain.

So, I bought both of these pieces:

And this:

I had a 2″ long 2″ extension (2 screw, brass compression ring) already, forgot where I got it, so here’s the full chain now. Much more rigid than before. Here’s the Lodestar screwed directly onto the c-threads of the first piece. Then I screw my Lumicon 1.25″ IR-cut filter inside that one and add the 2nd 1″ extension:

Then I slide the above directly into the 80mm extension, and clamp down, then into the smaller extension, clamp down on that, then into the AT72ED’s drawtube. Done.

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