Alnitak Flat-Man-L

Comes in two boxes, the power supply in the little one, and the large one. The little one was inside the larger one of course, I just took it out to take a picture.

Opening the larger box. I took everything out of the bubble wrap already, it was nicely wrapped up.

A quick measurement. 14″ across, about 13″ useable.

The power supply and controller.

Powered on at a low setting. I don’t remember exactly what.

Powered on at a higher setting, again, not sure what specifically.

I updated the FTDI driver to the latest and greatest. This panel works fine alongside the other FTDI driver-based pieces of hardware I have installed and will work fine with them at the same time as well.

The software side of things. Brightness is 0-255 in single steps.

Press connect, and voila…

A typical flat.

I aimed for ~26K ADU.

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