Orion ED80T-CF gets motorized…

Got the MoonLite focuser back from Ron’s shop in PA today. Tested it in the garage, works smooth as glass. Attached it to the ED80T-CF, put it back in the ADM rings, and ready to run a bunch of V-Curves in FocusMax the next time I’m out. I also picked up a second Astro-Tech ATF illuminated multiple reticle – these things are by *far* the best finders I’ve ever seen, touched, or used. Solid as a rock and the brightness is adjustable in 8 increments. I won’t use anything else at this point.

So, first, here’s a DivX AVI video of the focuser moving out 7500 steps and then back in, to position 0. This shows the Parsec 8300M, Nautilus motorized filter wheel and Astro-Tech ATFF field-flattener in the drawtube.

MoonLite CF motorized focuser.

Here’s the focuser itself.

Another shot.

And another.

The Astro-Tech ATF.

Focuser screwed onto the scope.

Another shot.

Dew shield fully extended.

Now the rings on.

One last shot.

Because the camera end is so heavy I use 3lbs of counterweight on the front end of the Vixen bar. Here’s the ADM piece for that.

And the ATF mounted.

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