I’ve been wanting to create a Visio document of all the music gear I’ve collected/setup over the years (past two mostly), but I’ll list some of it here.

Mostly I dig guitar, and I’ve found Jackson’s to be really slick guitars. Currently I’ve got a ’96 Dinky XL Pro, an ’06 RR3, and an ’07 SL2H. The first two are Japanese made, and the 3rd is made in USA. Here’s are some links to pics:

In ’04 or so I picked up a real gem, a Marshall DSL401 all-tube single 12″ amp:

Marshall DSL401

I’m using one pedal in front of this amp (I’ve never actually used the effect loop, I should try that sometime…), a BOSS OD-20, man, this thing screams:


For a DAW, I’m using a pretty nice computer, a Dell XPS 720 with 4G ram, XP Pro, twin WD Raptor 160’s striped, and Sonar 7 Producer edition. I recently picked up a Behringer analog mixer, the Xenyx 1204, and about 3 years ago I acquired a nice set of monitors and matching sub. Those being Behringer Truth B2031A’s and B2092A.

For guitar processing I’ve been using a Digitech GNX4 unit for about 3 years and love it. Most of my presets come from that, but recently I acquired a Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol Edition setup, both the software and pedal, totally amazing stuff. I’ve been recently starting to get some nice tones from that setup. I run 1/4″ balanced into the mixer for both these units, and USB into the computer for direct recording into Sonar.

Also, I have a Lexicon Alpha USB audio interface, and that runs 1/4″ balanced into the mixer too. I’ve been using that to capture the guitar with the ASIO4ALL driver.

Let’s see, also I picked up a cheap USB MIDI keyboard/controller, the Behringer UMA25S, which you saw above in the Monitors picture. With that I’m learning to drive a whole bunch of Native Instruments software, amazing stuff (and freakin’ complicated).

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