"Kal Ort Por"


Kal - Summon or Invoke - Ort - Magic - Por - Move or Movement

AKA: Recall Spell - Recalling is often used to teleport to another location in times of trouble or simply to get from point A to point B. Said user casts the recall spell by chanting "Kal Ort Por" and then specifies a rune that was marked in another location, previously.

Little did we know, Baga (fellow guild mate) would use this spell so often when we taught him how to use it. Just to give you a sample of what I am talking about, read some of the quotes below:


Quote 1:

Jarin says "Holy god!!! Three EVs after me and I am down to 4 hit points and no mana!! HELP!!"

Baga replies "Okay, stand still so I can get a bead on you and heal you..."

Baga chants "Kal Ort Por"

Jarin dies.


Quote 2:

Leoryck says "HELP, I am paralized right in front of this attacking reaper with NO health showing!"

Baga replies "Never fear, my friend, I will save you!"

Baga chants "Kal Ort Por"

Leoryck dies.


Quote 3:

While running from 12 gazers Blaag says "Hey Baga, lend me a hand, these gazers are kicking my ass and my ISP keeps dropping me unexpectedly!"

Baga says "No prob, dude. I got just the thing... sec"

Baga chants "Kal Ort Por"

Blaag dies.