[AKA - Pack Rat] [AKA - Spear Boy] [AKA - Gears 'R' Us] [AKA - Fat Sac]

Anyone that's ever played UO and been in a guild knows that when a guild mate dies, the best thing for you to do would be to grab all of your bud's things and gate to a healer. This is a fairly simple concept with most players. Blaag; however, makes this an interesting task.

It's not often that Blaag does die but when he does, he is SO over loaded with pure junk, it takes forever to sort through all the shit and save his valuables. There is no way you could possibly carry all of your things and all of Blaag's things at one time. Below is a list of materials Blaag has been known to carry in his pack at one time.

Blaag's Fat Sac Contains: